Our Personal Help Buttons are designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Giving people confidence and independence, knowing that help is only a button press away with two way radio communication with the base unit.

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All Chiptech personal help buttons are self-testing with the base unit to ensure correct functioning and low battery reporting. Personal help buttons should be worn at all times including at night in bed.

Pearl Pendant Pearl Wristwatch Pearl Advanced
Ways to wear Pendant and brooch Wristwatch, easy press pendant, wall mount and belt clip Pendant, easy press pendant and wall mount
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Battery Life
Battery life with typical use.
5 year 5 year 2 year

Excellent range to a base unit, with 300m+ being typical in open air.

Hot waterproof and can be worn in the bath or shower.

Two way radio communication between the personal help buttons and the base unit.

User Assurance
Light ring around Pearl flashes when the signal is confirmed back from the base unit.

Automatic Safety Checks
Testing with the base unit to ensure correct functioning and low battery reporting.

Surgical grade, stainless steel hypoallergenic chain with clasp, which will break when significant pressure is applied.

Watch Strap
Designed to suit most wrist sizes, with a durable polyurethane strap in grey.

Fall Detection
Designed to detect and summon help automatically if the wearer has experienced a fall.

Shake-to-Cancel Period
When a fall is detected, the pendant looks for significant movement which would automatically cancel an alert being sent to the base unit.

Battery Replacement
Battery replaceable through Chiptech servicing department.