Assistive technology adds convenience and connectivity to our everyday lives.

Chiptech’s assistive technology multi-function SID design builds on years of experience and provides new connectivity options for supporting elderly to age in place.

Assistive technology SID + Magnet

SID + Magnet

The SID + Magnet is specifically designed hardware to provide assistive technology to support individuals at home or within a rest home setting to remain safe and well.

Assistive Technology SID Connect

SID Connect

SID Connect has a 3.5 mono audio jack connector for plugging in third party products like bed, epilepsy, enuresis and occupancy sensors, external switches, pull cords and flood detectors to be monitored by a base unit.

Assistive Technology Pill Dispenser

Careousel® Advance Pill Dispenser

The Careousel® Advance Pill Dispenser has 28 slots that can be loaded with medication, and can be dispensed up to four pre-set times each day.