Commitment to Rigorous Standards, and Compliance in our Products

Compliance, Protocols and Industry Standards. Alongside the quality assurance processes we adhere to, it is also important to acknowledge the regulatory compliance standards, reporting protocols and industry guidelines that we meet. These play a key role both for ourselves and within the wider

IP Ratings are Everywhere

IP Ratings are Everywhere As electronic products become more ubiquitous in our daily lives, it’s important to understand how they’re designed to withstand environmental factors

How will SEVEN Behave in a Disaster

How will SEVEN Behave in a Disaster? Earthquakes, rain and floods, or wind and storms can all have sudden and devastating effects on our neighbourhoods,

Button and Coin Cell Batteries

Button and Coin Cell Batteries From wearables to audio devices, all devices need power. Increasingly, the solution for many smaller and often portable products, is

Understanding RF Coverage

Understanding RF Coverage When installing SEVEN in the home, there are several factors that need to be considered to ensure the Radio Frequency (RF) Range

GPS and Chiptech Products

GPS and Chiptech Products Understand GPS and how to get the best performance out of GPS Solutions. GPS Inside and Out Each satellite transmits information

Chiptech Devices Power Consumption

Chiptech Devices Power Consumption Chiptech have been asked more than ever about how much power our products consume. We have taken some time to look