July 2021

SEVEN Audio Assisted Installation

Recent changes from SEVEN firmware version 1.13, now allows installers to enable/disable AAI onsite. SEVEN features a unique audio installation process that steps the person installing through establishing good cellular coverage, testing the range of RF devices, and performing an activation with an automated response process to confirm the system functions as expected. If you […]

June 2021

SID Bed Connect Box

The SID bed sensor has been developed to remotely monitor vulnerable people at risk during the night. It can raise an alert if the user hasn’t gone to bed or has got up during the night and not returned. This alert may indicate the user has fallen or they are wandering, enabling the monitoring centre […]

May 2021

Chiptech Supply Status

Globally, electronic parts shortages and freight challenges continue. You may have seen recent news reports about car manufacturing facilities and consumer electronics being affected by microchip and semiconductor shortages. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of these precision electronics manufacturers, so many industries are feeling the impact, and Chiptech is not immune. Our team have […]

April 2021

Professional monitoring for the SmartCare Response App

SmartCare® Response is a monitoring App for connecting family and friends to the users of Chiptech personal emergency response systems (PERS). When a help button is pressed, emergency alerts are sent to all Responders simultaneously, notifying them via push notifications and text messages.  Through the App, users can call the device, view who has responded, […]

March 2021

Using GO at home with your Chiptech base unit

Pairing GO with a base unit installed in the home can increase the speed that responses to alerts can be actioned by the monitoring centre and adds an additional communication backup for alerts. If GO is activated whilst at home and paired with a Chiptech base unit, GO will send the report and effectively work […]

February 2021

Wall brackets for SEVEN

Wall brackets for SEVEN Increase the installation locations for SEVEN with a wall bracket. We have black or white wall brackets for easily attaching SEVEN to the wall. Locating the bracket at a good height makes the button/light combo more accessible and keeps SEVEN out of the way of liquid spills. The bracket can be […]

December 2020

SEVEN just got Lighter

In our latest newsletter we introduced you to the new SEVEN LiTE. Now available for order, check out how this lighter model of SEVEN could be just what you are after. What is it? SEVEN LiTE has no Ethernet socket, GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. It communicates solely on a 4G/3G cellular network using a […]

August 2020

Estuary Clean Up Crew

Chiptech has partnered with Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust to help with the ‘Clean up our Waterways’ project. Our factory is based in Ferrymead, Christchurch, and we are lucky to be near the Avon-Heathcote Estuary. As part of our Environmental Charter, Chiptech is proud to be doing our part to support the ecosystem by helping keep the […]

July 2020

Chiptech Celebrate 20 Years

We have innovated, refined, and expanded in the past 20 years, here are some of our highlights… Chiptech has grown from being a major national analogue medical alarm manufacturer to an international digital telecare specialist. Chiptech is proud to celebrate supplying digital personal emergency response systems since 2013, as well as our role as a […]

June 2020

What COVID-19 taught us about isolation – and how we can help

COVID-19 has changed the way we talk and think about isolation. When New Zealand went into a nation-wide lockdown under Level 4, people were instructed to only leave their house for essential items and emergencies. Social distancing and remaining in ones bubble became social isolation for many older people, especially for those who are vulnerable […]