Pearl Wristwatch

Innovative technology that features two way radio communication.

Pearl Wristwatch is an easy to wear personal help button transceiver that communicates bi-directionally with a Chiptech base unit. Excellent range reassures users that a button press will summon help in an emergency when around the home and garden*. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, advanced technology has been wrapped in a small discrete casing that is hot waterproof and can be worn in the bath or shower. People living independently will benefit from the feelings of safety and security that Pearl Wristwatch offers around the home and garden.

Pearl Wristwatch can be worn on the wrist or converted into an easy press pendant or a fixed position help button, if dexterity or mobility is an issue.

*Range testing must be undertaken

Pearl Wristwatch Features


Two way radio communication between the personal help buttons and the base unit.


Excellent range to a base unit, with 300m+ being typical in open air.


Hot waterproof and can be worn in the bath or shower.

Battery Life

5 year battery life with typical use. Pearl reports when the battery capacity is reduced to 20%, providing ample time to organise a replacement.

User Assurance

Light ring around Pearl flashes when the signal is confirmed back from the base unit.

Automatic Safety Checks

Testing with the base unit to ensure correct functioning and low battery reporting.

Convert to an Easy Press pendant

The Pearl Easy Press has a specially designed sleeve that converts the whole top surface to a button, this can then be easily pressed or pushed to send an emergency activation. The easy press option allows users with dexterity issue to feel confident in knowing their button press for help is easily accessible.

Pearl fixed position help button

The Pearl fixed position help button is supplied with double sided foam pads so it can be easily fixed to a flat surface e.g. wall, wheelchair, bedhead or shower wall.

How it works

If you need help at any time of the day or night, press and hold your personal help button, and count to three. Alternatively, press the large round Help button on your base unit to request help.

SEVEN Pearl Alert

Personal Help Button Pressed

The outer rim of your personal help button will flash red to let you know your call for help is being sent.

SEVEN Base Unit Activated

Base Unit Activated

You will hear a loud alarm sound from the base unit where the Help button will illuminate red.

SEVEN Base Unit Activated

Voice Message “Your alert has been send…”

Voice messages on the base unit will play to let you know the status of your request for help as it progresses.

Other Pearl Options

Pearl is designed to be lightweight, discrete, and easy to wear at all times, including the bath or shower. Multiple attachment options mean people can choose a help button that suits their lifestyle. The button is a soft grey colour to lessen its visibility, thereby reducing the stigma surrounding wearing a help device.

Pearl Wristwatch Technical Specifications

Standard Strap

  • Polyurethane strap with stainless steel buckle

Long Strap

  • Nylon fabric strap with stainless steel hardware
Pearl Pendant Size (HxWxD)Weight
40 x 32 x 10mm11.8g (excluding attachment method)
Strap Length 
Standard: 220mm 
Long: 270mm 
  • Operating temperature of 0 – 40°C, 90% humidity (non-condensating).
  • IP68 – Hot waterproof.
  • Each Pearl Wristwatch is fitted with a lithium coin cell battery. Batteries are non-replaceable.
  • Typical life of five years with one activation per month, and an RF self-test every 7 hours. Low battery reporting to monitoring at 20% capacity remaining.
  • Frequency: 869MHz / 916MHz.
  • Range: 300 metres+ typical in open air.

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