Mobile personal help devices give users the independence to go beyond their home.

Our mobile personal help devices use cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technology, and are easily activated by a button press to send an alert for help.


GO is a wearable mPERS device with 4G cellular and GPS locating technology, designed for safety, to summon help beyond the boundaries of the home.

GO Safe

GO Safe is specifically designed as a discrete wearable device to summon help in high-risk situations, where a user may need assistance without attracting unwanted attention.

Compare Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS)

  • GO 4G
  • GO Safe
GO 4GGO Safe
4G Cellular Communication
4G Cellular Communication
Location Positioning
Satellite position service used.
Dual Button
Simple dual button press to summon help.
Two-way Voice Communication
Built-in speakerphone system, which allows a two-way conversation in the event of an emergency.
Compatible Products
Compatible with Chiptech Base Units and SmartCare Cloud.
System Check
Check the battery status, cellular coverage and the ability to obtain and send location at a single button press.
Wireless Charging
GO is charged using Qi standard wireless charging pad.
Automatic Notifications
Traffic light coloured indicators and spoken messages.
Installer Mode
Enables you to change a basic settings on GO.
Real Time Operating System
Events can run in parallel, enabling faster performance.
Alerts when a user leaves a specified area and starts tracking.
Screw together case for easier servicing.