Telecare base units enable users to stay safe, confident and connected.

We design and manufacture digital personal emergency response systems (PERS) for installation in the homes of the elderly and vulnerable to connect them to help when needed.

Base Unit SEVEN


SEVEN supports multiple reporting pathways, Ethernet and Wi-Fi with dual micro SIM slots for data reporting. Data is sent via the 4G/3G network or the users local Internet connection and voice call back into the base unit is over VoLTE on 4G or voice on 3G.


The extended aerial variant of SEVEN and SEVEN LiTE has been designed for improving cellular coverage in areas where there is limited 4G/3G network coverage.

Sustainably SEVEN

Introducing our reground base units. Made using 100% reground plastic, an eco-friendly way of purposing plastic waste from the SEVEN manufacturing processes that would otherwise have been disposed of.

Compare Base Units

Chiptech base units have a variety of features and communication options that will meet your needs. Check below to find out which base unit is right for you.

  • EVE Data
  • EVE
Digital reporting over 2G/3G data
Analog and digital reporting over 2G/3G and phone line
Digital reporting over 3G/4G data and Ethernet
Customise top label and configuration. SIM card fitted at factory.
Comprehensive Voice File
Provide clear information to the end user and installers.
Bi-directional RF Connectivity
Pearl flashes when SEVEN confirms it has received an alert.
Quality speaker with adjustable volume settings.
Learn and Test Mode
Learn up to 16 RF devices and test their range, typically 300m in open air.
Installer Menu
Adjust volume and brightness settings.
Chiptech Wizard
Local and remote connection via Chiptech Wizard.
Secure SIM
SIM slot(s) are located under the secure battery compartment.
Dual SIM Card
Additional reporting redundancy.
External Aerial Option Available
An X variant can be ordered for low coverage areas. Requires external aerial. Not supplied.
Audio Assisted Installation
Guided install.
SmartCare® Response Compatible
Can be connected to the SmartCare® Response App for friends and family to monitor.
Additional Voice Messages
Can be triggered to notify end user about emergency events , or deliver friendly notifications.
Clear all RF Devices
Updating via SmartCare® Cloud
Schedule updates through SmartCare® Cloud on a one to one basis or fleetwide.
Away Mode and Daily Check
Disables RF tracking reports and silences automated notifications. Simple button press to check in.
Upcoming events can be scheduled to announce automatically.
GNSS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Features coming soon.
Directly connect to report over the Internet, reducing SIM costs and increasing redundancy.
Under glow LEDs