Environmental sensors provide automated alerts for changes within the home.

Third party environmental sensors are fitted with a Chiptech standard Interface device (SID) to wirelessly connect to base units.

Brooks EIB650i

Battery Powered Smoke Alarm by Brooks

SID is fitted inside the ‘Brooks Extended Base’ that connects to a Lithium Battery Powered Brooks Smoke Alarms. Brooks smoke alarms feature a high performance photoelectric chamber, 10 year lithium battery, large test/hush button, and optional wireless interconnections to sound other smoke alarms within the premises and to provide a fire alert to the Chiptech base unit.

Main Powered Smoke Alarm and Relay Base by Brooks

The Brooks Relay Base fitted with SID and connected to a Brooks detector ensures that when smoke or heat is detected it will sound off simultaneously across all interconnected detectors, to alert the homeowner, as well as triggering a pre-alarm before sending a fire activation via the base unit through to the monitoring centre.