SEVEN Base Unit: Customisable Safety Solutions

The Chiptech SEVEN base unit has been designed to support people to live independently and safe at home and is customisable to meet the unique needs of different users. However, with its advanced technology and powerful capabilities, the SEVEN base unit offers a comprehensive safety solution for both individuals and organisations in other settings.

The SEVEN base unit is a versatile and customisable device that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different users. From elderly living independently to people with disabilities or health conditions, the SEVEN base unit can help you stay safe and connected in a variety of situations. In this blog, we will explore how the SEVEN base unit along with associated peripheral devices can be customised to meet the specific needs of different users. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, the SEVEN base unit offers a range of features and functions to support independent living and enhance quality of life. SEVEN can be utilised in a number of living situations; for users living at home alone, with a live in carer or family member, or within a retirement village setting. The SEVEN base unit isn’t just for individuals – it is also ideal for organisations that need to monitor and support lone workers or provide duress alarms for staff in high-risk situations.

The SEVEN base unit can be customised for monitoring a range of wireless peripheral devices, to provide daily check-ins, and reminders for specific actions, to provide voice notifications and comprehensive emergency response capabilities.

Standard Home User

The SEVEN base unit is most commonly installed to provide emergency assistance to elderly and vulnerable individuals in their homes. This installation includes a personal help button that enables users to connect to professional monitoring services when in need of assistance. The range of the personal help button covers a standard home and garden situation and provides reassurance to the user and their family that, if they should need help while alone, they can summon it by a simple button press.

To further enhance safety, third-party peripheral products such as smoke detectors, bed sensors, and Chiptech door contacts or fall detectors may be utilised in conjunction with the SEVEN base unit. These wireless peripheral products are used to manage specific risks and can be combined to support an end user in remaining safe. Typically, these risks include:

  1. Falls and injuries: One of the primary risks associated with aging is the risk of falls and injury which can be exacerbated by a long time on the ground. Telecare devices can help to manage this risk by providing automated fall detection and reporting. In conjunction with a wearable fall detector the user may have a bed sensor installed to indicated when they have left their bed in the evening and not returned within a specified timeframe. This could indicate they have had a fall during night-time hours.

  2. Dementia: People with dementia may have difficulty performing everyday tasks, such as cooking, using appliances, or taking medication. They may also wander or get lost, which can be dangerous if they are unable to find their way back home or to a safe place. Telecare devices can be used to alert when a fire has occurred, SEVEN can be programmed to provide daily reminders to perform task such as eating to taking medication and can be used to provide an early alert when a door is opened.

  3. Personal Security: Living alone when you are vulnerable can be a scary prospect. A Bogus Caller or Panic Alert rather than a medical emergency alert can be used to summon a different response. Chiptech Bogus caller buttons can be installed on doorways to provide users with the ability to summon help if they feel threatened or unsafe.

  4. Social Isolation: the ‘Daily Check’ or ‘I’m Okay’ function with SEVEN can be setup as a way for users to indicate they are up and about for the day. When enabled, the Connect button will flash blue at a pre-set time each day. If the user presses the Connect button it will send a ‘Daily Check’ report to monitoring, and a voice message will play. If they do not, the monitoring centre will try to make contact to check if they are OK.

Retirement Village

SEVEN can be utilised in various village settings, such as retirement villages, independent living facilities, and nursing homes, to provide emergency access to services. These systems can be monitored by staff members via the SmartCare Response App and/or a professional monitoring provider.

Alongside installations into individuals’ residences, and to further enhance safety, wireless help buttons can be included in communal areas of these facilities. Smoke detectors and other environmental sensors can also be added to increase overall safety.

SEVEN features a unique notification system where pre-recorded voice phrases can be triggered to play remotely to inform users of risky situations such as fire or flood, and the actions they will need to take including evacuations. It also has a set of friendly and action request including notifications about caregivers arriving, or that “it is lunch time soon” these can be used to keep residents informed of upcoming events.

Onsite Carer

The SEVEN base unit can provide valuable support for on-site carers, who may be responsible for the care of multiple individuals. By configuring the SEVEN system to generate unique announcements, carers can easily identify who needs assistance and provide targeted support. Additionally, the SEVEN base unit can be set up to monitor the use of doorways, ensuring that individuals do not wander outside of permitted areas or during certain times. This can be particularly useful for individuals with dementia or other cognitive impairments.

Since this system does not require remote monitoring, no connectivity (SIM card) is necessary, and it does not incur any operational costs. However, if the carer is not on site 24/7 and the device requires remote monitoring, a SIM card can be installed.

Lone Worker or User in Duress

The SEVEN base unit is an ideal solution for workplaces such as retail shops, 24/7 gyms, petrol stations, and show homes that have lone workers, employees or members who may be feeling unsafe, or fear being injured with no one around to assist. In such settings, the SEVEN base unit can be customised to provide both medical emergency alerts and discrete access to immediate assistance, ensuring their safety and security. Bogus Caller or Panic Alert buttons can be installed in various locations around the workplace, such as behind counters, in changing rooms, or in storage areas, providing employees with easy access to assistance if they feel threatened or unsafe. These can be programmed to send an alert, without making a loud alarm sound and open a voice connection so monitoring staff can listen (and record the audio) of a situation.

Personal help buttons can also be worn for those at risk of injury or a fall detector can be utilised in workplaces where staff members may work alone and are at risk of falling from standing. The SEVEN base unit with associated peripherals for duress situations can be monitored by a professional provider, such as a security company.

Alongside this the building can be fitted with monitored wireless environmental sensors so fire and gas events when no one is onsite can be alerted and a response actioned.


Whether you are an individual looking for a device to help you live independently and stay connected, or an organisation looking for a way to protect your staff onsite in potential high-risk situations, the Chiptech SEVEN base unit offers a customisable and reliable solution. With its advanced technology, user-friendly design, and powerful capabilities, the SEVEN base unit is the ideal device for anyone who needs to stay safe and connected in any situation.

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