Monitor people you care for and respond to emergency events

SmartCare® Response is a Smartphone App for connecting family, friends and carers to the user of SEVEN and GO. When a help button is pressed, emergency alerts are sent to all Responders simultaneously, notifying them via push notifications and text messages. Through the App, users can call the device, view who has responded, what action has been taken, and they can in-App message each other during an event.


3-step Response Process

1. Responders choose to ‘Respond’ or ‘Cannot Respond’

Respond: Provides the response options outlined below.

Cannot Respond: Displays a notification that they cannot respond to inform other Responders.

2. Responders then choose to respond ‘In Person’ or ‘By Phone’

In Person: Users address and additional notes will be displayed on a pop up. Responder will then respond in person to the shown address. An automated message plays for the user through the device that will announce the name of the Responder who will arrive shortly. If needed, Responder can also call the user through the device.

By Phone: The calling app on the phone opens to allow them to call the user device and talk over the hands free speakerphone.


3. Further response actions

In app messaging: Send predefined or typed messages to keep other Responders up to date during emergency events. Other Responders can see who has responded, and they can in-App message each other during an emergency alert.

Archive Alert: At the conclusion of the event, the Responder clicks ‘Archive Alert’ via the emergency page.

SmartCare Response Features

How it works

When you send an emergency alert, Responders are notified at the same time on their smartphones. If after 1.5 minutes there is no response, a text message will be sent to your Responders. Notifications will repeat until a response is actioned.

When the personal help button is pressed, this will activate your base unit that will send an alert to SmartCare® Central (cloud monitoring platform).

Responders will then receive an alert via the SmartCare® Response app that there has been an emergency alert.

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