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December 2020

SEVEN just got Lighter

SEVEN just got Lighter SEVEN LiTE is a pared back version of the SEVEN base unit, with fewer communication options. SEVEN LiTE has no Ethernet socket, GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. It communicates solely on a 4G/3G cellular network using a single Micro SIM card, but features all the automated safety checks, RF connectivity, messaging […]

March 2020

GO DURESS for Lone Workers and Users in High-Risk Situations

GO DURESS has been specifically designed for users in high-risk situations, so they can activate a discrete alert for help and transmit frequent GPS location updates. What is it? GO DURESS is a mobile personal alerting device, with 3G cellular communication and global positioning system (GPS) technology.  It has been designed as a discrete wearable […]