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Category Archives: New Products

February 2021

Wall brackets for SEVEN

Wall brackets for SEVEN Increase the installation locations for SEVEN with a wall bracket. We have black or white wall brackets for easily attaching SEVEN to the wall. Locating the bracket at a good height makes the button/light combo more accessible and keeps SEVEN out of the way of liquid spills. The bracket can be […]

December 2020

SEVEN just got Lighter

In our latest newsletter we introduced you to the new SEVEN LiTE. Now available for order, check out how this lighter model of SEVEN could be just what you are after. What is it? SEVEN LiTE has no Ethernet socket, GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. It communicates solely on a 4G/3G cellular network using a […]

June 2020

What COVID-19 taught us about isolation – and how we can help

COVID-19 has changed the way we talk and think about isolation. When New Zealand went into a nation-wide lockdown under Level 4, people were instructed to only leave their house for essential items and emergencies. Social distancing and remaining in ones bubble became social isolation for many older people, especially for those who are vulnerable […]

March 2020

GO DURESS for Lone Workers and Users in High-Risk Situations

GO DURESS has been specifically designed for users in high-risk situations, so they can activate a discrete alert for help and transmit frequent GPS location updates. What is it? GO DURESS is a mobile personal alerting device, with 3G cellular communication and global positioning system (GPS) technology.  It has been designed as a discrete wearable […]

May 2018

Oh the places you will GO!

Chiptech is happy to announce that the GO personal help device is available for customers to purchase. GO marks a new chapter in our range of personal emergency response systems, providing users with the freedom to move beyond the boundaries of their home, with confidence that help is a button press away.  3G cellular and […]

March 2017

SID Bed Sensor

The SID (Standard Interface Device) products have been developed to further provide people with the flexibility and freedom to live their lives with as little intrusion as possible. Working in conjunction with all ERICA and EVE base units, the SID Bed Sensor was created to remotely monitor people in need of extra care and attention […]