GO DURESS for Lone Workers and Users in High-Risk Situations

GO DURESS has been specifically designed for users in high-risk situations, so they can activate a discrete alert for help and transmit frequent GPS location updates.

What is it?
GO DURESS is a mobile personal alerting device, with 3G cellular communication and global positioning system (GPS) technology.  It has been designed as a discrete wearable device to summon help in high-risk situations, where a user may need assistance without attracting unwanted attention.

GO DURESS is supplied with a hypoallergenic chain and split ring, so can be worn as a pendant, fixed to a belt, or added to a key ring.

Who is it for?
GO DURESS is for lone workers whose health and safety is at risk, and for people in the community whose lives are threatened by domestic violence, or other potentially dangerous situations.

With GO DURESS, users can continue to live how they choose and stay safe knowing their security is covered every step of the way.

How does it work?
A dual button press is used to discretely send a duress alert for help. GO Duress is a silent alarm, it will vibrate three times, and send the ‘Duress’ alert to the monitoring centre. No lights will display, and no beeps or voice messages will sound during this process. When the alert is received, and the operator is online and listening, the device will vibrate once to indicate to the user that someone is listening in. If configured to do so, GPS location updates are sent to mapping software every minute.


For more information on this product please contact sales@chiptech.co.nz