Using GO at home with your Chiptech base unit

GO at home with base unit

Did you know your GO and base unit can work together at home?

Pairing GO with a base unit installed in the home can increase the speed that responses to alerts can be actioned by the monitoring centre and adds an additional communication backup for alerts.

If GO is activated whilst at home and paired with a Chiptech base unit, GO will send the report and effectively work as a ‘talking pendant’ around the home, with voice communication through the GO.

  • GO can be configured to send a specific Zone Code along with the report to identify that it has been activated within range of the base unit. Monitoring software can be programmed to recognise this code so the address is immediately available to the operator without waiting for a GPS report, enabling a faster response time.
  • If GO is activated when in range of a paired base unit, it will automatically send a ‘Home’ GPS report to SmartCare® Locate, or the designated mapping software. When the event appears in SmartCare® Locate it will display the word ‘Home’ in the event details section and will not show a pin on the map. Operators need to be trained to recognise that this ‘Home’ report means that GO is within approximately 100m of the base unit and the associated home address (in the monitoring software) should be used to organise any response required.
  • If GO is unable to send the alert to monitoring then it will ‘handover’ the report to the base unit after the fourth attempt to connect. The base unit will start the alerting process to monitoring, including the pre-alarm sequence. GO will play the voice message “Base unit activated, you will soon be contacted by an operator”, to inform the user the alert has been handed over to the base unit, and this message will repeat twice.

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