Graeme Moore
Managing Director

Graeme Moore, Managing Director, has been the driving force behind Chiptech since the company was established in 2000. Graeme combines a sociology background with an ability to create a work environment that inspires and encourages his team to ‘invent the ideal’. His passion for his work is matched by his commitment to his staff and to his customers. Graeme brings energy, vision, and integrity to his role in managing a company that is committed to excellence in design and delivery.

Pauline Image
General Manager

Pauline has worked alongside Graeme for over 20 years. She shares the same focus, passion and commitment to ensuring excellence in all aspects of service delivery, customer relations and production quality. After many years in the role, Pauline offers a great depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas.

Sam Dacombe
Account Manager and Sales

Sam joined Chiptech in 2017, as the Business Development and Account Manager, and has a wealth of experience in the IT and Telecommunications sectors. He brings with him a skill set and knowledge base in sales, business consultancy, programming and technical support in audio visual and smart home automation.

Abby Moore
Product Manager

Abby joined the company in 2006 to manage public relations and marketing. Along with this, her role is now focused on new product development, product improvements and ongoing support for Chiptech's existing range of solutions.

Paul Wright
B.E. (Hons) Research and Development Manager

Paul Wright B.E. (Hons) Research and Development Manager, started at Chiptech over 20 years ago while still a student at the University of Canterbury. After graduating Paul began his illustrious engineering career at Chiptech, progressing to the role of senior design engineer and then into management. Paul is a talented engineer and integral in product development, currently managing all research and design projects.

Jim Schofield
Senior Design Engineer/Project Manager

Jim joined the engineering team at Chiptech in 2007 and has been the driving force behind the development of many of Chiptech's wearable products. Experienced in both radio frequency and cellular technologies, Jim has been the lead developer for Pearl, SID and GO mPERs. The success of these products and his involvement in Chiptech's quality control process, has led Jim to integrate his Senior Engineer design role with that of Project Manager.

John Connolly
Production Manager

John has been with Chiptech since 2011, after an exciting background in military electronics. John leads a very competent production team who are committed to producing quality products.

Shane Zheng
Software Team Lead

Shane joined Chiptech in 2019 with valuable experience in software development and skills in Agile methodologies and leadership. Shane has taken up the challenge of bringing structure to a newly formed software department with a focus on creating simple, elegant and easy to use applications for Chiptech customers and end users.