Chiptech Wizard

Connect to base units directly, or when installed in the field.

The Chiptech Wizard is a part of the SmartCare® Software range that Chiptech offers that enables you to have complete control over your entire fleet. The Wizard allows you to connect with any unit in the field remotely to update that unit’s settings, update its configuration and voice files, without needing the base unit to be returned back to servicing.


Pull comprehensive base unit logs with approximately 1,200 time and date stamped events. Logs display all base unit behaviour, as well as interactions with associated products, and the network it reports on.

Update Base Units

Update base units in both a servicing environment, and those installed in the field. Configuration files, firmware files and the voice files can be updated, helping to ensure that each base unit is kept at optimal operation, and is resilient to changing environmental conditions.

Change Configuration Settings

Manually change settings in the configuration file. Adjustments for individual user requirements, like changing volume levels or adjusting the reporting setup for SID devices, can be done without a site visit.

User Friendly Interface

Connect with a base unit to aid in problem solving, servicing and customisation, offering the flexibility to do so on site or remotely.

How it Works

The Chiptech Wizard is software that allows you to communicate with PRU, ERICA, ERICA GSM, EVE, EVA, and SEVEN Chiptech base units. Chiptech Wizard has the following features and tools:

  • Guides the user through each step with a task-orientated interface.
  • Prevents advanced configuration settings being changed accidentally.
  • Highlights important and abnormal events in the alarm event log for quick diagnosis of problems.
  • Allows configuration settings to be updated remotely without overwriting client-specific details such as existing transmitters and volume settings.

Interested in how this software can work for your organisation?

For more information on how to utilise the Chiptech Wizard to future proof your personal emergency response offering, please contact us.

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