SmartCare Heartbeat

Messages are sent to monitoring software to confirm it is still available.

SmartCare® Heartbeat software is a transmitter application specifically designed for sending heartbeats over the data network to the SmartCare® Relay server. This confirms that the server is available and able to pass data to the monitoring software.

How it Works

  • Heartbeat software is installed as a service which runs in the background on a local machine, and automatically starts up at system boot up. The front end application of the Heartbeat application is used to set the configuration for each Heartbeat module and check the status of modules.
  • Each module mimics the proprietary Chiptech CSV message with a specified code for reporting. SmartCare® Heartbeart sends the Contact ID and reporting code over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and if it requires a reply, it waits for the acknowledgement from the server and sets the Heartbeat status.
  • Each module has the ability to email a list of specified people in case of a failure after a specified period of time.

Interested in how this software can work for your organisation?

For more information on how to utilise SmartCare Heartbeat to future proof your personal emergency response offering, please contact us.

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