Provides a fleet management platform for data reporting Chiptech products.

SmartCare® Cloud provides a fleet management platform for data reporting Chiptech products. Personal emergency response devices with data capabilities, can be set to regularly communicate to SmartCare® Cloud to update their status. This information can be searched for, and important values filtered through the web interface, so product information is readily available and any queries or issues can be investigated swiftly.

How it Works

  • Individual product information includes; the device hardware and SIM information, versions of firmware, configuration settings and voice files on the device, and the cellular signal strength at the last connection. For base units the m2m location is recorded so changes in location can provide an alert.
  • Hosted on a secure Azure Web Services interface with login credentials requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) for admin users of registered companies.

The fleet management platform also offers the unique ability for data communicating units to be updated in bulk whilst installed in the field. The Global Update service enables fleet specific changes to firmware, configuration and voice to be applied when an installed unit connects to SmartCare® Cloud. A Global Update is scheduled for any number of units across a period of time, with daily reporting provided to confirm progress.

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