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SID Bed Sensor

The SID (Standard Interface Device) products have been developed to further provide people with the flexibility and freedom to live their lives with as little intrusion as possible. Working in conjunction with all ERICA and EVE base units, the SID Bed Sensor was created to remotely monitor people in need of extra care and attention during night time hours.

The SID Bed Sensor detects weight and movement, and raises an alarm if someone has not returned to their bed within a predetermined period of time. This enables the monitoring centre to be contacted, and provides the ability to support this person before a risk escalates.

Adjustable Settings

In the base unit you can configure the night time hours, so you can specify the time during which the bed sensor will activate/report. These settings can be found under the “Devices” tab. The base unit is also able to be configured to provide a local pre-alarm noise (if there is a carer onsite), or report silently to monitoring.

For more information, simply follow the link.