SID Bed Connect Box

The SID bed sensor has been developed to remotely monitor vulnerable people at risk during the night.

It can raise an alert if the user hasn’t gone to bed or has got up during the night and not returned. This alert may indicate the user has fallen or they are wandering, enabling the monitoring centre to provide support before a risk escalates. The SID bed sensor wirelessly communicates to the base unit to provide an alert when someone gets out of bed and does not return during the default fifteen minute window. An alert can be customised to locally sound an alarm (used for onsite caregivers) before sending a report, or quietly inform monitoring that the person has not returned to bed.

SID bed connect box is supplied by Chiptech and bed mats can be sourced through a number of suppliers. Compatible with the Chiptech base unit range.

Check out our new SID Bed Sensor Guide on the Web Portal or download below.