SEVEN Wall Bracket

Using a wall bracket means SEVEN will sit flat against the wall as a permanent fixture, keeping it out of the way of liquid spills and providing easy access at a good height to the buttons and lights.

Increase the installation locations for SEVEN with a wall bracket.

We have black or white wall brackets for easily attaching SEVEN to the wall. Locating the bracket at a good height makes the button/light combo more accessible and keeps SEVEN out of the way of liquid spills. The bracket can be mounted to the wall by screws or 3M active strips and then SEVEN slots securely into place using the two keyways on the back of the base unit.

As we continue to find more sustainable ways to manufacture our products, these wall brackets have been made from re ground plastic that otherwise would have been discarded from the manufacturing process.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to mount SEVEN to the wall and change the installation position via the installer setup menu.

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