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SEVEN just got Lighter


SEVEN LiTE is a pared back version of the SEVEN base unit, with fewer communication options.

In our latest newsletter we introduced you to the new SEVEN LiTE. Now available for order, check out how this lighter model of SEVEN could be just what you are after.

What is it?
SEVEN LiTE has no Ethernet socket, GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. It communicates solely on a 4G/3G cellular network using a single Micro SIM card, but features all the automated safety checks, RF connectivity, messaging and reminder functions. The ‘L’ refers to the 4G (LTE) CAT 1 cellular module utilised in SEVEN LiTE. The simple user interface combines status indicators with buttons to keep users informed of any changes to their system that could impact performance. Voice messages and lights are used to provide event notifications and reminders, along with automated system messages.
SEVEN LiTE is compatible with existing Chiptech GO, Pearl, and SID products, as well as Chiptech software. This includes Chiptech Wizard and SmartCare Cloud connectivity to enable fleet updating. Data reports are sent on 4G or 3G, and the voice call back can occur over the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) on 4G, or voice over the 3G voice network.

Who is it for?
For those in the community who may be frail and feeling vulnerable, they can be safe and secure in the knowledge that help is only a button press away. Advanced technology has been smartly wrapped in an easy to use system that provides peace of mind to people who are living independently.

How it works
If you need help at any time of the day or night, press and hold your personal help button, and count to three. The outer rim of your personal help button will flash red to let you know your alert for help is being sent. You will hear a loud alarm sound from the base unit where the Help button will illuminate red. Voice messages on the base unit will play to let you know the status of your request for help as it progresses.
Alternatively, press the large round Help button on your base unit to request help.

SEVEN LiTE Features

4G/3G communication is enabled via a single micro SIM card holder. SIM card can be fitted at factory.

Additional voice messages can be triggered to notify end users about emergency events such as flood or fire, request an evacuation, or deliver a friendly notification at a predetermined time e.g. a birthday message.

Built-in cellular antenna. This product can also be ordered with the extended aerial SMA connection (SEVEN LiTE-X) to support installations in low coverage areas.

Lights under the buttons change colour and flash to indicate a change in status. SEVEN LiTE uses an easy to understand traffic light colour sequence, where green is good, orange is a warning, and red is critical.

Quality speaker with adjustable volume settings via the Installer Setup menu.

Adaptive light sensor to change lights to an appropriate level of brightness.

Comprehensive voice files to provide clear information to end user and installers, including an optional Audio Assisted Installation (AAI) process.

Backlit indicator buttons mean the base unit is easy to locate and use in low light conditions.