SEVEN Audio Assisted Installation

Recent changes from SEVEN firmware version 1.13, now allows installers to enable/disable AAI onsite.

SEVEN features a unique audio installation process that steps the person installing through establishing good cellular coverage, testing the range of RF devices, and performing an activation with an automated response process to confirm the system functions as expected.

If you have an AAI voice file loaded on your SEVEN base unit AND the ‘Installer Setup’ menu option ticked in the configuration, the AAI process can be enabled or disabled from the SEVEN ‘Setup Menu’. This makes it easy to restart the process when repositioning the base unit to another location, without requiring a remote update.

Depending on which AAI process has been configured for use on SEVEN (App or Monitored), you will only be able to enable or disable that particular AAI process. For example, if SEVEN was set up to use the App AAI process, you will not be able to switch it to Monitored AAI via the ‘Setup Menu’. This can only be done via a local or remote update to SEVEN’s configuration.

More information about SEVEN’s audio assisted installation can be found in the SEVEN ‘Product Manual and Installation Process’ on the Web Portal.

When SEVEN starts, a chime will play with a welcome message. Please listen to the messages and follow the steps outlined. A message will repeat if no action is taken, so don’t worry if you didn’t hear it all the first time.

SEVEN will ask you to press the Help button when you are ready to start, which moves you to the next step, to check the 4G cellular connection.