Reusing Your RF Devices

We have several tips for self-servicing your RF devices to extend their life. This includes checking the battery life in RF devices using Otto, cleaning tips between installs and extending the shelf life of Pearl Advanced pendants when not in use.

Chiptech manufacture a range of RF devices to work with their base units. The Pearl range has a typical life of five years and is completely sealed so the battery can not be replaced. Although the use of Chiptech products varies significantly the majority are installed for an average period of 30 to 35 months, presenting an opportunity to reuse both the base unit and the Pearl RF Devices that have previously been installed. We have several tips for self-servicing your RF devices to extend their life. This includes checking the battery life in RF devices using Otto, cleaning tips between installs and extending the shelf life of Pearl Advanced pendants when not in use.

Please refer to the individual device’s Technical Specification document to check expected life and specific battery and servicing information.

There is a new area in the Chiptech Customer Web Portal dedicated to Servicing information. If you or others in your organisation would like access to this information, please contact

Servicing RF Device for Reuse


Visually inspect the returned device. Check for cracks, damage or discolouration to the case and button area.

If there are any issues, please either return to Chiptech for servicing (Pearl Advanced or SID), or prepare for recycling (Pearl).

Check the date stamp on the RF device, these are in the WEEK # (1 – 52) and YEAR format. We suggest recycling any Pearl more than 5 years old.

Check Battery Capacity with Otto

  1. Ensure any nearby base units that have been paired with RF devices are turned off to prevent accidental activation.
  2. Turn on the SEVEN Otto or press the RF Receive button to reenable RF communication.
  3. Open the Otto software application.
  4. Select the correct COM port, ‘Device Type’ and ‘Frequency’.
  5. On the left hand side SET ‘Get Battery Voltage’ and then press the RF device button.
  6. The current battery voltage under load will appear on screen. If the result is less than 2.35V, it should not be reused as it will likely send a low battery alert within the next 6-12 months.
    • Pearl pendant, watch, brooch and easy press wearables should be recycled. keep neck chain or watchstrap to reuse if in good condition.
    • Pearl Advanced can be serviced and batteries replaced at Chiptech.
    • SID V1.2 and SID V2.0+ devices have replaceable batteries, these can be replaced by your servicing team, or returned to Chiptech for replacement and retesting.

Enable Flight Mode with Otto

Otto can be used to send an RF command to put a Pearl Advanced into Flight Mode. This is typically used when a device is being couriered to a customer, or before returning to Chiptech for servicing or recycling. It can also be used to extend the shelf life when the device is being held in stock.

  1. Select Pearl Advanced from the ‘Device Type’ drop down menu
  2. Click SET on the Flight Mode command
  3. Press the Pearl Advanced Button to apply
  4. The result will be displayed on the screen
  5. When Pearl Advanced reaches its intended destination, pressing it’s button to learn it into a base unit will disable Flight Mode and return it to normal operation.

Cleaning RF Devices

Some chemical cleaning products can influence the strength of the products case and button which can impact its durability over time. Chiptech recommends the cleaning process below:

Pearl Personal Help Buttons
Pearl is encased in a plastic with a silicone button that can be easily cleaned. They are susceptible to harsh chemicals and special care needs to be taken when cleaning.

  • Remove the attachment pieces, such as the chain or watch strap so it can be separately cleaned.
  • Immerse the Pearl in warm soapy pH-neutral water for cleaning. The temperature should not exceed 60˚C for more than ten minutes.
  • Wash thoroughly without using anything abrasive.
  • Do not use any chemicals that are corrosive or abrasive as this will damage the Pearl case.
  • Pearl chains, watchstraps and easy press sleeves should be thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic cleaner in hot water.
    • When cleaning Pearl chains in bulk we suggest sectioning them into lots and using string to tie them together in four separate sections to prevent them from tangling during the cleaning process.

Standard Interface Device (SID)

  • SID that are within cases supplied by Chiptech can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a non-corrosive, non-abrasive cleaner. Do not spray directly, but spray cleaner on a cloth and then wipe over the devices. Ensure you wipe off any spray residue with a clean, damp, lint free cloth.
  • SID that are fitted within a third party product such as a smoke detector will need to be cleaned as per the device manufactures instructions.

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