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The Wall Mount Help Button utilises Pearl RF technology to communicate wirelessly with Chiptech ERICA and EVE base units. The Wall Mount Button is a fixed button for users to press to raise an alert for assistance. Pressing the help button will initiate the base unit pre-alarm and subsequent emergency activation to be sent. This can only be cancelled by pressing the CANCEL button on the base unit.

Installation and Maintenance

The Wall Mount Help Button plate is an industry-standard sized fitting, and will retrofit over old wired call points, or can be used in new installation locations. It is learned into the Chiptech base unit in the same manner as a standard pendant. Enter ‘Learn Mode’ in the base unit, and press the ‘HELP’ button on the Wall Mount Button to pair this button to the base unit. Ensure any other devices being used with the base unit are pressed during this learn session. Press the ‘CANCEL’ button on the base unit to complete the learn process.
Chiptech recommends regular monthly testing of all fixed Wall Mount Help Buttons to ensure they are working as expected.

Wall Mount Button Technical Specifications

Style: A single red button with ‘HELP’ displayed centrally, and surrounded by a white plastic plate. Supplied with black gasket to provide waterproof seal when attaching to wall in wet areas. Screws for fastening are not supplied, as these will depend on material that you are drilling into.
Dimensions: Plate - 117mm x 74mm x 15mm, Button - 21mm x 37mm
Weight: 62 grams
Waterproof: IP65 Splashproof
Button material: Silicon is infused with nanosilver particles making it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
Battery: Typical use will see an estimated battery life of 4 years, non-replaceable battery.
Radio frequency: 869MHz in New Zealand, or 916MHz in Australia. Transceiver provides two-way communication between pendant and base unit, so the signal is confirmed back to Wall Mount Button.
Range: 300m+ typical in open air.


EMC: (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC
Safety: IEC 60950-1:2001, BS EN 60950-1:2002
RF: ETSI EN 300 220:2010 Class 1 (EMC and radio spectrum)
Social Alarm: BS EN50134-2:200
RoHS: Compliant