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SEVEN - the 4G cellular reporting base unit,
allowing users to stay safe, confident, and connected for longer. 

SEVEN provides superior safety features; including multiple communication pathway reporting, and peripheral safety checks.

  • A simplified user interface combines status indicators and buttons, keeping users informed of any changes to their system. Voice messages and lights are used to provide event notifications and reminders, along with automated system messages.
  • SEVEN is compatible with existing Chiptech Pearl and SID products, as well as Chiptech software for monitoring. This includes Chiptech Wizard and SmartCare Cloud connectivity to enable fleet updating.
  • Data sent on 4G or 3G, and voice call back over 4G VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution), or the 3G network.

User Assurance


Progressive and Adept

Superior in every way

  • SEVEN has multiple reporting pathways. Dual micro SIM slots for data reporting over the 4G and 3G cellular network, and voice call back using VoLTE. The cellular module is supported on the 5G network (Cat 1).
  • Built-in cellular antenna. Also available as an external aerial model to support installations in low coverage areas.

Built-in hardware, yet to be enabled:

  • Ethernet connectivity for reporting to monitoring over the Internet, voice back over VoLTE.
  • WiFi connection for reporting to monitoring over the Internet, voice back over VoLTE.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for connection with peripherals and IoT devices.



SEVEN is supplied with a customised top label, a Pearl pendant transceiver, a plug pack, a fitted battery pack, and User Guide. It has dual SIM slots and SIM(s) which can be factory fitted, and SEVEN is programmed at production with specified files and settings, ready for installation.


  • 110W x 180L x 50H mm.
  • Base unit weighs 400 - 500g.
  • Packaged: Recyclable cardboard box 175W x 215L x 55H mm and weighs 600-700g with all components included.

Battery and Charging

  • Capable of running solely off its battery pack for over 40 hours in ideal conditions.
  • Industrial grade NiMH battery pack, automatically rechargeable in under 24 hours, and replaceable if required. Regular battery maintenance (every 90 days) ensures high capacity and life of battery.
  • Low capacity battery packs detected and reported. Missing or non-functioning battery pack reported. Low battery warning following mains failure report at approximately 20% of capacity remaining.


  • Manufactured with 5% less plastic material than previous EVE base unit.
  • SEVEN is lead free, with recyclable packaging that uses food safe inks.
  • Temperature: Operating temperature of 0 – 40⁰C.
  • Humidity: 90% humidity (non condensating).

Pearl Radio Frequency

  • Range 300m+ typical in open air between Pearl personal help buttons and SEVEN.
  • Up to 16 Pearl transceivers can be learned and tracked by SEVEN, for test transmissions. This will be increased to 32 with a future update.
  • Separate RF learn and RF test modes.
  • 869MHz in New Zealand and Europe, or 916 MHz in Australia.

Communications/ Protocols

Cellular Frequency + 3G Frequencies

  • Dual SIMs 4G with 3G voice back.
  • SEVEN LE: 3G & 4G (LTE) Cat 1: B28, B5, B8, B3, B1.
  • Cellular Frequency
    • B28 (700MHz) - Primary, Telstra 4GX network, Spark
    • B3 (1800MHz) - Secondary, Telstra, Spark.
  • Ethernet and WiFi
    • When Internet (Ethernet or WiFi) is configured as the primary reporting path, cellular data costs are reduced for reporting, applying updates and downloading information.
    • Ethernet supports 10/100Mbps connections, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/e/I.
    • During power failure the Wi-Fi and Ethernet may be turned off to save power.