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The Pearl Advanced with Fall Detection has been designed to prevent people who have fallen from being left to lie on the floor without assistance (long lie).

International research has found that even if there may not be any direct injury from the fall, for those that lie on the floor for longer than an hour the consequences can be dire.

Pearl Advanced is a specialised help button worn as a pendant, or clip-on pendant. It is designed to detect and summon help automatically if the wearer has experienced a fall, and also features a help button in case of an emergency. It uses a comprehensive algorithm to detect a fall and subsequent impact. The six stage algorithm is designed to ensure that a fall by a person will automatically summon help and that false activations are minimised.

Pearl Advanced features a unique shake-to-cancel period. When a fall is detected, the pendant looks for significant movement which would automatically cancel an alert being sent to the base unit. If no movement is detected in this time period,  Pearl Advanced then sounds a warning beep to signify it is about to send an alert for help.

Significant movement within the warning beep time stops the signal from being sent to the base unit. Once the signal is received by the base unit, there is the standard pre-alarm period which gives the user another opportunity to stop the alert being sent by pressing the cancel button. If the user does not cancel the warning message, then a fall detected alert is sent to the monitoring centre. The operator follows a specific response procedure which may include trying to contact the person and sending help if required.

Pearl Advanced has four available settings; these can be changed to suit the end user requirements, including settings for people with epilepsy, those with cognitive disabilities, and high risk very frail users.

Dimensions: 40 H x 32 W x 14 D mm (not including attachment piece)
Weight: 16.6grams
Frequency: 869MHz, 916MHz
Range: 300+m typical in open air
Sealed: IP67 Hot waterproof
Battery: 2 years with typical usage, battery replaceable through Chiptech servicing department.