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Chiptech's innovative Pearl technology features two way radio communication between the personal help buttons and the base unit. Pearl products offer a unique light ring around the device, which illuminates when the signal is confirmed back from the base unit. Pearl technology helps to reassure end users, provides easy range testing for installers and comprehensive reporting to the base unit

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Pearl Pendant

This attractive pendant is designed to be worn around the neck, and suits the majority of users. It is hot waterproof and should be worn at all times.

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Pearl Advanced with Fall Detection

The Chiptech Pearl Advanced Fall Detector has been designed to prevent people who have fallen from being left to lie on the floor without assistance (long lie). International research has found that, "Half of those who lie on the floor for an hour or longer die within six months, even if there is no direct injury from the fall.

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Pearl Wristwatch

This wristwatch style help button is discreet and comfortable. It is a good alternative option to the pendant and is also hot waterproof.

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Pearl Brooch

The Pearl Brooch is designed to be attached to items of clothing.

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Pearl Wall Mount

The Pearl is fixed inside a specially designed sleeve so it can be easily mounted on a flat surface.

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Pearl Easy Press

This Easy Press Pendant is designed for people with limited dexterity, so they can easily press the button to send an emergency activation.

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Pearl Attachment Kit

The Pearl Attachment Kit is a complete kit that includes a Pendant Attachment, Clip-on device, Easy Press Sleeve, Pins, and a chain, and is operable with the Pearl Wrist Watch. This kit provides customisation of the Pearl Wrist Watch in accordance with the preference of the wearer.

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