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The Universal Local Disconnect Device (ULDD) is designed to work with all New Zealand medical alarms. The ULDD allows an alarm to dial out even when phones in a home are left off hook. A disconnect device is now compulsory in New Zealand for Ministry of Social Development funded alarms. A disconnect device should be installed on each additional piece of phone equipment that can cause the phone line to be engaged.

How the ULDD works

When the alarm uses the phone line to dial out it will cause the ULDD to disconnect any phones that are off hook. The alarm can now dial successfully the next time it tries. The phone will stay disconnected until put back on hook. This enables the monitoring company to call back into the medical alarm and communicate with the customer over the hands-free speakerphone system.

ULDD complies with all relevant New Zealand telecommunication electronic and indusrty standards.

ULDD Installation with Broadband