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Mobile Personal Emergency Response (mPERS)


GO is designed to give you the confidence and independence to go beyond the boundaries of your home. Whether you’re nipping down to the shops, holidaying at your favourite spot, or visiting friends; GO has your safety covered every step of the way.

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GOcard is a lone worker device that provides quick access to assistance to ensure the users safety while working in the community.

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Personal Emergency Response (PERS)


SEVEN - the 4G cellular reporting base unit, allowing users to stay safe, confident, and connected for longer.

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SEVEN LiTE is a pared back version of the SEVEN base unit, it communicates on a 4G/3G cellular network using a singular SIM card, but features all the automated safety checks, RF connectivity, messaging and reminder functions.

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EVA - App

EVA is our self-install Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) device that can be monitored by family and friends via our SmartCare® Response App.

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The market leader in 3G medical alarms (PERS), EVE 3G offers the flexibility of choosing 3G data only communication, or any combination of the standard phone line, cellular analogue and cellular data, to provide the most reliable solution for your customers.

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EVE 3G Data

EVE 3G Data is designed to help people remain independent and safe in their own home, offering data only communication to the monitoring centre and ring back over the cellular network.

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EVA - Self Install

EVA - the voice guided self-install Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), with ES-calling.

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Help Buttons and Accessoires

Pearl Help Buttons

Our unique Pearl technology features two way radio communication between the personal help buttons and personal emergency response systems. Pearl flashes around the outer edge to reassure the user that their button press has been received by the base unit, while also providing an easy method to range test.

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Standard Interface Device (SID)

Standard Interface Device (SID) technology is either incorporated within or connected to a range of products that are learnt into Chiptech personal response systems and monitored through a monitoring centre.

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Careousel® Advance Pill Dispenser

The Careousel® Advance Pill Dispenser has 28 slots that can be loaded with medication, and can be dispensed up to four pre-set times each day. 

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