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How your information is protected:

SmartCare® Cloud to EVE and EVE Data Connection:

  • When the SmartCare® Cloud connects with EVE or EVE Data, a unique security credential handshake will be implemented to verify the cloud.
  • Proprietary security protocol - Chiptech has proprietary communications format.
  • No personal client information stored on EVE or EVE Data Medical Alarms and SmartCare® Cloud.
  • Automatic updates using the SmartCare® Cloud is as secure as the direct Chiptech Wizard connection to a unit.
  • No port forwarding - the destination for the connection terminates at the Chiptech server.
  • All available items in the Chiptech Wizard can be amended through the remote automatic connection that occurs during the overnight test signal. EVE or EVE Data will determine if there are any updates available. If there is any waiting to be uploaded, it will occur during this period.

SmartCare® Cloud Server:

  • All data stored on the SmartCare® Cloud (such as the code for the service, etc.) is encrypted using 256-bit encryption.
  • 256-bit encryption key is also need to gain access to the SmartCare® Cloud. This encryption is limited to one source only.
  • Multi-factor authentication is also used when accessing the SmartCare® Cloud.