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SmartCare® Locate

SmartCare® Locate is a web application developed to plot GPS location data from Chiptech mPERS products on a map so a user can be located during an emergency. 

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SmartCare® Relay

SmartCare® Relay is Comma Separated Value (CSV) receiver software designed for monitoring alarm panels that report using data via cellular modules or an Internet connection. SmartCare® Relay creates an efficient, reliable reporting pathway for all alarm events, including polling and alarm activations.

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SmartCare® Heartbeat

SmartCare® Heartbeat software is a transmitter application specifically designed for sending heartbeats over the data network to the SmartCare® Relay server which confirms that the server is available and able to pass data to the monitoring software.

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SmartCare® Response App

SmartCare® Response is a monitoring App for connecting family and friends to the users of Chiptech EVA personal response systems (PERS). When a help button is pressed, emergency alerts are sent to all responders simultaneously, notifying them via push notifications and text messages. 

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SmartCare® Central

SmartCare® Central is a Cloud based monitoring platform hosted in the Azure stack to provide a highly reliable and redundant monitoring infrastructure to connect Chiptech PERS users with people who can support them in a time of need. 

SmartCare® Cloud

Chiptech provides a Cloud based fleet management system for data reporting products to enable monitoring companies to cost effectively manage their devices in the field.

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