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March 2017

SID Bed Sensor

The SID (Standard Interface Device) products have been developed to further provide people with the flexibility and freedom to live their lives with as little intrusion as possible. Working in conjunction with all ERICA and EVE base units, the SID Bed Sensor was created to remotely monitor people in need of extra care and attention […]

March 2017

Duress Alarm Set Up

We have noticed increasing requests for units to be setup to assist people in remaining safe in their home or work environments by providing silent reporting for duress situations to the monitoring centre. All ERICA and EVE variants are built with the ability to silently alert, and is as easy as re-configuring the base unit […]

March 2017

Reducing disturbance caused by phone calls into Cellular Base Units

If you have a customer who is being disturbed by incoming phone calls into their cellular base unit, there is a way to eliminate this intrusion by changing a configuration setting. You are able to connect remotely or directly to the unit via the Wizard. To manually change this setting, select the ‘Devices’ tab, and […]