Navigating the Cellular Network Evolution

Navigating the Cellular Network Evolution In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the cellular network stands as a cornerstone of connectivity for Chiptech solutions. Behind the scenes, there exists a complex

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Device Security

Top 3 Tips for enhancing your device security Chiptech devices are designed to store and transmit non identifiable data only. Our products do not contain

SEVEN Installer Setup Menu

SEVEN Installer Setup Menu Make customer specific changes to suite an individual customer. Share on linkedin Share on twitter Share on facebook The SEVEN Installer

Checking Coverage at the Charger

Checking Coverage at the Charger The GO charging cradle must be installed in a location in the home that has ‘good’ coverage. The GO charging

SID Bed Sensor

SEVEN Base Unit: Customisable Safety Solutions The Chiptech SEVEN base unit has been designed to support people to live independently and safe at home and

SEVEN Wall brackets

SEVEN Wall Bracket Using a wall bracket means SEVEN will sit flat against the wall as a permanent fixture, keeping it out of the way

SEVEN just got Lighter

SEVEN just got Lighter SEVEN LiTE is a pared back version of the SEVEN base unit, with fewer communication options. SEVEN LiTE has no Ethernet

Ihutai Estuary Clean Up

Estuary Clean Up Crew Chiptech has partnered with Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust to help with the ‘Clean up our Waterways’ project. Our factory is based in