Confidence to go beyond the boundaries of your home.

What is GO?

GO is a wearable mPERS solution, specifically designed for summoning help beyond the boundaries of the home. Chiptech’s experience in developing personal emergency devices, combined with cellular and GPS location technology has culminated in the creation of this sleek wearable device. Following a button press, users can be located by SmartCare® Locate, which displays GPS data and features an algorithm to refine a user’s location.

GO is designed to give you the confidence and independence to go beyond the boundaries of your home. Whether you’re nipping down to the shops, holidaying at your favourite spot, or visiting friends.

GO is the perfect solution for summoning assistance anytime and anywhere 3G and GPS coverage is available.

How it works

To request help any time of the day or night, press and hold both buttons at the same time on your GO. This will start the short pre-alarm sequence with a distinct tone and vibration.

The light-ring around GO will flash red to let you know an alert is being sent to monitoring. A voice message will play, “Help alert in progress.”

Once the alert has been received, a voice message will play and repeat: “The alert has been received by monitoring; you will soon be contacted by an operator.”

A monitoring operator will call back; GO will ring and automatically answer.

GO has a hands-free speakerphone system, speak loudly and clearly to the operator.

While you are speaking with an operator, GO will work in the background to obtain your current location and send it to monitoring.

Once you have been located, the operator will send assistance, or organise emergency services if required, to your location.

When an operator ends the call GO will flash green to indicate that monitoring can still call back, and your location continues to be sent. GO automatically stops reporting your location after a period of time, and the green lights will stop flashing.

Cancelling an alert: During the loud pre-alarm sequence you can press and hold one button on GO to cancel your request for help, it will announce: “Cancelled.” If the alert has proceeded to monitoring, speak to the operator and let them know you do not require assistance.

GO Features

This multifunctional device includes a help button, handsfree speakerphone system, GPS location, and optional fall detection.

Impact and waterproof

The user can have confidence that GO will operate in rain or shine, during any recreational activity, as GO is impact and waterproof.

Voice messaging

A range of voice messages provide users with information on the status of their personal help device.

GPS location

When GO is activated the alert is sent to monitoring. This is followed by GPS co-ordinates being sent to SmartCare® Locate.

2-way speaker

GO has a built-in speakerphone system, which allows a two way conversation in the event of an emergency.

Optional fall detection

When enabled, GO uses sophisticated fall detection technology to detect a significant fall, subsequent impact, and a period of no movement.

Visual feedback

Visual feedback is provided by the multi-coloured LED lights that illuminate around the outer edge of the device.

Update when placed charger

GO will connect to the SmartCare® Cloud when placed on the charger, and can be updated remotely to receive additional features, setting changes, or to apply firmware updates.

Flight mode

Long button hold enables flight mode when travelling on an aircraft.

Flexibility to be worn in different ways.

GO has the flexibility to be worn in different ways to suit the preference of the individual. Supplied with a hypoallergenic chain and split ring, GO can be worn around the neck, fixed to a belt, key ring, or conveniently placed in a pocket.

Can be easily updated by placing on the charger

GO will connect to the SmartCare® Cloud when placed on the charger, and can be updated remotely to receive additional features, setting changes, or to apply firmware updates. This ensures operational efficiency and optimal performance.

SEVEN connect button lit

Voice and visual feedback is used to communicate

GO has a range of voice messages to provide users with information on the status of their personal help device. Visual feedback is provided by the multi-coloured LED lights that illuminate around the outer edge of the device.


GO Pendant Split Ring Charger Charging Cord Plug

GO Technical Specifications

GO is supplied with:

  • A hypo-allergenic stainless steel chain so it can be worn as a pendant.
  • A split ring which enables GO to be attached to a key ring, belt clip or lanyard (not supplied).
  • A wireless charger, plugpack and cable.
  • A step-by-step user guide.
  • GO has an internal RFID chip which stores information to identify the device.
  • 67mm x 47mm x 13.5mm (L x W x H).
  • Weighs 33g excluding attachment method (chain or split ring).
  • GO is laser sealed, therefore no changes can be made to the SIM card or GO’s internal hardware. Software and configuration changes are available through Chiptech’s SmartCare® Cloud.
  • Operating temperature of 0˚C to + 50˚C.
  • IP67 and hot waterproof.
  • The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and will run for approx 1-2 months with standard use before requiring a charge. GO’s battery will need to be charged after an emergency activation.
  • Recharging takes approximately 3 to 5 hours.
  • Voice messages and lights indicate when battery is low, at approx 20% capacity, and the low battery is reported to monitoring.
  • Following a low battery report; once charging and battery is greater than 3.7V, a battery charging report will be sent to monitoring.
  • Battery life expectancy: approximately 80% capacity can be expected after 350 -500 charges (when charged in temperature of 25°C and fully discharged between cycles), and when the battery is less than 3-5 years old.
  • The inductive wireless charger, USB cable and plug pack supplied with each GO device are Qi compliant.

Charging Notes

The charging system is designed specifically for GO. Please do not change any parts of the charging system and do not use the charger with any other devices.
Place the charger on a flat surface and please make sure all parts of the charger are properly connected before use.

  • Do not use the charger if any parts of the charging system are damaged.
  • Do not place anything metal on top of the charger.
  • Do not cover the charger with any material, including the chain.
  • Do not place the charger in direct sunlight, recommended charging temperature between 10°C to 35°C.
  • During charging GO can become warm to the touch.
  • If you have a pacemaker, you should be sure to keep the wireless charger and GO at least 25cm away from your pacemaker during charging.
  • Contact ID reporting via CSV over cellular data (4 destination addresses, using a combination of static IP addresses and DNS).
  • Automated self testing and a test signal is sent on the 3G network at a defined period of time.
  • Regular RF test transmission when learned into base unit.
  • Installer menu and setting options are available when placed on charger. Volume can be changed, Fall Detection or manual Cloud Connection enabled. Flight Mode is available for transporting purposes.
  • Single SIM with 3G data reporting on your selected network.
  • AUS operates on either Telstra, Vodafone, or Optus.
  • NZ operates on either Spark, Vodafone or 2Degrees.
  • Penta-Band 3G 800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz module (UMTS/ HSPA).
  • Telstra approved cellular module.
  •  Location provided through assisted and autonomous GPS methods.
  • Periodic updates of GPS location are sent until the emergency event is completed.
  • GPS co-ordinates are transmitted via cellular data to SmartCare® Locate or other GPS mapping platform.
  • 300m typical in open air, when paired with a Chiptech SEVEN and EVE base unit. GO’s two way speakerphone will operate in place of the base unit.
  • Frequency: Australia 916MHz, New Zealand 869MHz.


User Guide
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Installer Mode Video
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System Check Video
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Compatible Products

Compatible with SEVEN and EVA base units as well as Chiptech software for monitoring, SmartCare® Response App and SmartCare® Locate



SmartCare® Response App

SmartCare® Locate