to connect with others to explore at your fingertips to regain your independence

GO is a wearable mPERS device with 4G cellular and GPS locating technology, designed for safety, to summon help beyond the boundaries of the home.

Activated by pressing both buttons, GO sounds a short alarm and flashes red, it plays pre-recorded voice messages to keep the user up to date while it sends the alert and GPS coordinates. When GO rings, the user will be able to talk over the GO speakerphone, and a responder will organise assistance.

Improved Location Technology.

GPS report now includes cellular signal strength, battery status, altitude, and date and time of the location found for the device.

Small and Lightweight.

Designed to be taken anywhere, perfect as a wearable or attached to your keys.

GO 4G Grey Size Diagram

Two Buttons, Multiple Functions

The buttons on GO are multifunctional.

  • One button press begins the System Check.
  • Pressing and holding two buttons together begins an alert – which helps to minimise false activations.
  • Mashing a button at least 5 times can also start the alert process.
  • Holding one button for ten seconds enables Flight Mode, or while on the charger holding it for five seconds enters the Installer Mode.

Improved Charging System

The charging system has a USB C connection and the wireless charging has been improved to prevent unnecessary heat and wear. When placed on the charger GO can announce “charging” or beep. When the battery is charged, GO lights will change to green and it will send a ‘Battery Charged’ report.

Who is it for?

GO is a confidence companion for those who want to maintain their independence and participate in activities outside of the home, knowing their safety is covered everywhere there is 4G coverage.


Some people may be prone to isolation in their community, and GO can help them enjoy the health benefits of regular exercise and promote contact with others.

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How GO 4G works


GO will automatically announce low and critically low battery notifications to the user during day time hours. GO requests that they charge their device within a defined period of time. ‘Low Battery’ and ‘Battery Charged’ reports are automatically sent.

LTE Cat 1

Operating system rewritten and runs in real time, so events can run in parallel, enabling faster performance. Accurate internal clock to prevent time drift between network connections.

Inactive Report

Sends the GPS location to mapping software after a period of no movement. This is a configurable setting, with a default of seventy two hours* of no movement and then every twenty four hours* thereafter until movement is detected.

Choose your style

GO is available in a monochromatic range of colours, including Black, Grey and White. GO is supplied with a hypoallergenic chain, neck cord or lanyard, so it can be worn around the neck as a pendant. It also comes with a split ring, giving the user the freedom to choose the best option to suit their needs.

What's in the box

GO Pendant
Wireless Charger, Plug Pack + Cable
Stainless Steel Chain
Split Ring
User Guide

GO 4G Tech Specs

GO is supplied with:

  • GO pendant
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Split ring
  • Wireless charger
  • Plug pack
  • USB-C cable
  • User guide
  • Fitted nano 4G SIM card
  • Internal RFID tag
GO-4 Size (LxWxH)Weight
67 x 47 x 13.5mm35g
Packaged Size (LxWxH)Weight (All components)
125 x 158 x 64mm290g
  • Operating temperature of 0˚C to + 50˚C.
  • IP67 and hot waterproof.
  • The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and runs for approximately 1-2 months with standard use before requiring charging.
  • GO’s battery will need to be recharged after an alert.
  • Voice messages and lights indicate to the user when the battery is low and requires charging, and a low battery report is sent.
  • When placed on the charger both GO and the outer edge of the charger will turn blue to indicate charging has started. GO will also beep or say “charging”* when placed on the charger. When the battery is full charged GO lights will change to green, and it will send a ‘Battery Charged’ report.
  • Charging takes approximately 2 to 3 hours, from low to fully charged.
  • Battery life expectancy: approximately 80% capacity can be expected after 350 -500 charges (when charged in temperature of 25°C and fully discharged between cycles), and when the battery is less than 3-5 years old.
  • The inductive wireless charging plate supplied with GO is Qi compliant.

Charging Notes

The charging system is designed specifically for GO. Please do not change any parts of the charging system and do not use the charger with any other devices.

Place the charger on a flat surface and please make sure all parts of the charger are properly connected before use.

  • Do not use the charger if any parts of the charging system are damaged.
  • Do not place anything metal on top of the charger (including the chain).
  • Do not cover the charger with any material.
  • Do not place the charger in direct sunlight, recommended charging temperature between 10°C to 35°C.
  • During charging GO can become warm to the touch.
  • If you have a pacemaker, you should keep the wireless charger and GO at least 25cm away from your pacemaker during charging.
  • Contact ID reporting via CSV over cellular data (4 destination addresses, using a combination of static IP addresses and DNS).
  • Automated self testing and a test signal is sent on the 4G network at a defined period of time.
  • Regular RF test transmission when learned into base unit.
  • Installer menu and setting options are available when placed on charger. Volume can be changed, Fall Detection or manual Cloud Connection enabled. Flight Mode is available for transporting purposes.
  • Fitted with a single Nano SIM with 4G data reporting on your selected network.
  • Operates on Telstra Australia, Optus Australia, Spark, One NZ and 2Degrees.
  • 4G Cat1 VoLTE using 4G cellular bands B3 (1800MHz) and B28 (700MHz).
  • 1559 – 1606MHz GNSS Antenna.
  • GPS locations are sent following user-initiated actions, or leaving a geofenced location (coming soon).
  • Accurate GPS locating based on regular updates of both the ephemeris and almanac data for the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).  
  • GPS co-ordinates are transmitted via cellular data to SmartCare Locate or other GPS mapping platform.
  • 100 metres+ typical in open air when paired with a Chiptech base unit, when at home.
  • Emergency hand over range to the base unit is 300 metres+ in open air.
  • Frequency: Australia 916MHz, New Zealand 869MHz.

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