Chiptech's innovative Standard Interface Device (SID) is fitted in the Brooks Relay Base. This can be interconnected between up to 12 Brooks mains powered photoelectric smoke detectors, or heat detectors, in a single dwelling and provides an alert to Chiptech's EVE base units.

The Brooks Relay Base fitted with SID and connected to a Brooks detector ensures that when smoke or heat is detected it will sound off simultaneously across all interconnected detectors, to alert the homeowner, as well as triggering a pre-alarm before sending a fire activation via the base unit through to the monitoring centre. Brooks Relay Base is supplied from Chiptech with the SID fitted and tested at factory. Mains powered smoke alarms can only be installed by a registered electrician.

The Brooks Relay Base fitted with SID is compatible with a number of mains powered Brooks products including:

Product information can be viewed on the Brooks website:


  • Radio frequency: 869MHz in New Zealand, 916MHz in Australia.
  • Range: 300m+ typical in open air.
  • Battery:SID has a non-rechargeable, service replaceable battery.  SID battery life calculations, with typical use (1 activation every 30 days) indicates a battery life of 9-10 years. 
    SID reports when its battery is at 20% capacity and will need to be replaced. It does not monitor the smoke alarm battery it is connected to; hence regular testing of the connected device is suggested to ensure its functionality.
  • Testing: SID communicates with the base unit every seven hours, and a failed to test report will be sent to the monitoring centre if the base unit has not received multiple signals over a few days (typically set between 3-5 days).
  • Certification: AS 3786:2014 + A1:2015.