Brooks Battery Powered Smoke Alarm

SID is fitted inside the ‘Brooks Extended Base’ that connects to one of two Lithium Battery Powered Brooks Smoke Alarms ( EIB650i series). These Brooks smoke alarms feature a high performance photoelectric chamber, 10 year lithium battery, large test / hush button, and optional wireless interconnections to sound other smoke alarms within the premises. When the smoke alarm detects smoke, SID will activate the base unit, which pre-alarms and sends a fire alert to monitoring. Battery powered smoke alarms can be installed by a technician, and should be tested thoroughly at the time of installation and have a regular testing plan in place.


SID fitted inside the deep base that connects to the Brooks Battery Powered Smoke Alarm:


  • Radio frequency: 869MHz in New Zealand, 916MHz in Australia.
  • Range: 300m+ typical in open air.
  • Battery: SID has a non-rechargeable, service replaceable battery.  SID battery life calculations, with typical use (1 activation every 30 days) indicates a battery life of 9-10 years.                             
    SID reports when its battery is at 20% capacity and will need to be replaced. It does not monitor the smoke alarm battery it is connected to; hence regular testing of the connected device is suggested to ensure its functionality.
  • Testing: SID communicates with the base unit every seven hours, and a failed to test report will be sent to the monitoring centre if the base unit has not received multiple signals over a few days (typically set between 3-5 days).
  • Certification: AS 3786:2014 + A1:2015.