Mains Powered Detector with Relay Base + SID

Alerts homeowners and monitoring simultaneously when smoke or heat is detected.

The Brooks Mains Powered Detector with Relay Base + SID is designed to detect the presence of smoke or heat and alert both residents within hearing range and monitoring via the base unit.

Suitable for installation in homes located in areas where mains powered, interconnected fire detection systems are mandated or highly recommended. The Brooks Mains Power Detector with Relay Base + SID can enhance the overall safety and protection of homeowners, providing peace of mind for themselves and their families.

Chiptech Approved Smoke Alarms

Relay Base is fitted with SID is compatible with the following Chiptech approved mains powered smoke alarms by Brooks


Photoelectric 230-volt Smoke Alarm with 10-year lithium battery back-up

Photoelectric smoke sensor is ideal for detecting smoke from slow, smouldering fires.



Heat 230-volt Alarm with 10-year lithium battery back-up

Ideal for rooms where smoke alarms cannot be installed without the risk of excessive nuisance alarms like the kitchen, garage, etc


SID Tech Specs

SID v1.2 wired fitted inside a Brooks Relay Base and programmed as a smoke or heat

Operating temperature of 0 – 40°C, 90% humidity

  • 300 metres+ typical in open air when paired with a Chiptech base unit, when at home.
  • Frequency: Australia 916MHz, New Zealand/European 869MHz.
  • Chiptech Proprietary Pearl Protocol Version 1
  • CR2477N with a 950mAh capacity
  • SID battery life calculations, with typical use indicates a battery life of 5 years