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Duress Alarm Set Up

We have noticed increasing requests for units to be setup to assist people in remaining safe in their home or work environments by providing silent reporting for duress situations to the monitoring centre.

All ERICA and EVE variants are built with the ability to silently alert, and is as easy as re-configuring the base unit via a Wizard connection. Simply log into the Chiptech Wizard, deselect the “Pre-alarm” and “Noisy” report options for any/all activation, and save these changes back into the unit.

If you would like to ring back into the unit silently, then you will need to disable the “Ringback/Speak” volume. Please be aware, the unit will still sound a single beep when the speakerphone picks up and hangs up. This sound cannot be turned off.

If you would like monitoring to respond in a different manner to a Duress activation than an emergency, and not utilise the speakerphone, (or only record activity from the base unit’s microphone and not speak trough the unit) you may want to assign the activation with a different reporting Contact ID code, 1121 is the standard Duress code. A change in reporting code will also need to be matched within your back-end software and a response procedure created for monitoring staff. The Contact ID code can be changed manually for each unit of the same ‘Reporting’ tab shown above.

A full system test should take place following updating a unit to ensure the unit works silently as you would expect.