4G technology to launch in the UK

Chiptech take 4G technology further, with the launch of SEVEN at the ITEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

This week Chiptech International, our UK subsidiary, introduced SEVEN to the telecare industry at the International Technology Enabled Care Conference (ITEC). This Telecare Services Association event sees a range of experts, suppliers, providers, and local authorities get together face-to-face to connect, workshop and converse on all thing’s telecare.

The United Kingdom, like many developed nations is experiencing changes in telecommunications infrastructure to keep pace with technology improvements and consumer demands. The move towards 4G cellular communications within the telecare sector will enable not only faster response in an emergency, but more rounded at-home care services, enabling users to safely age in place with a connected support network. With approximately 1.8 million users of telecare in the UK, products that offer remote upgrades, expansion options, multiple core functions and customisation will become integral in the years that follow, providing future proof solutions to the aging population.

SEVEN is the 4G digital hub designed to provide superior safety and a range of enhanced features that can be customised to best suit the individual; a nice alignment with this year’s conference theme based on unlocking personalised outcomes, with a focus towards proactive and preventative care. The investment Chiptech has made in developing SEVEN as a platform  for digital connectivity has grown from a vision to see more preventative technology being used to support individuals to remain safe and independent for longer. Chiptech is excited to be expanding its expertise in personal safety to more proactive technology, with a range of new assistive devices and wearables in the development pipeline. Abby Moore, Chiptech Product Manager acknowledges this milestone in stating,

“We are proud to be able to introduce SEVEN to the UK market. We believe this is a leap forward in technology that the UK market has been crying out for and provides Chiptech a platform to build on for many years to come.”

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