Checking Coverage at the Charger

The GO charging cradle must be installed in a location in the home that has ‘good’ coverage. This ensures updates can be applied or a log file downloaded. It also means that battery charging reports can be sent. Perform a System Check at the location of the charger to ensure GO has coverage. Simply press one button on GO when it is within 30cms (not on) the charger.

How to Perform a System Check at the Charger

When you are near the charger, press one button on either side of GO (Do not press both buttons together, as this will send a request for help). A chime will play and GO will illuminate blue to let you know that the System Check has started.

1. A voice message will play: “My battery is…” (then one of the following): “Excellent”, “Good”, “Low battery; please place me on the charger today,” or, “Critically low battery; please place me on the charger immediately. An alert may fail.” This will also be accompanied by a status light.

Excellent or Good


Critically Low

2. GO will then announce; “Checking cellular connection.” GO will check the cellular coverage at your current location and will announce; “The connection is...” (then one of the following): “Excellent”, “Good”, “Poor” or “Unavailable.

Excellent or Good



  • If GO announces the cellular coverage is either "Good" or "Excellent", cancel the System Check, the location is ideal.
  • If GO announces "Low" or "Unavailable", move the charger and System Check again until good coverage is found.

Check Cellular Coverage in SmartCare Cloud

You can check the coverage of all GO in your fleet in SmartCare Cloud by following these steps:

1. Select the 'Device List' Tab on the left.

2. Checkyour filter is set to 'All Active Devices'

3. Click the 'Cellular Coverage' column until it is displaying devices in descending order according to cellular coverage. GO needs a minimum of 2 'Good coverage' to perform Cloud updates.

Voice Announcement Cellular Coverage
Excellent 4
Good 2-3
Poor 1
Unavailable 0


4. Contact users with a cellular coverage less than 2 and organise for their charger to be relocated to a position with 'good' cellular coverage.

Please note: GO may not show a Cloud connect even though it has been placed on the charger. This may be due to no coverage. If you are experiencing issues with Cloud connects, organise for the charger to be relocated.