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April 2024

Navigating the Cellular Network Evolution

Navigating the Cellular Network Evolution In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the cellular network stands as a cornerstone of connectivity for Chiptech solutions. Behind the scenes, there exists a complex web of technologies, protocols, and standards that ensure seamless communication between devices.   Every access technology, from 1G to 5G, has its own lifecycle, marked by […]

November 2023

Commitment to Rigorous Standards, and Compliance in our Products

Compliance, Protocols and Industry Standards. Alongside the quality assurance processes we adhere to, it is also important to acknowledge the regulatory compliance standards, reporting protocols and industry guidelines that we meet. These play a key role both for ourselves and within the wider telecare industry, assuring high quality products and services are provided to vulnerable […]

August 2023

Understanding how to protect against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)​

Understanding how to protect against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)​ For the month of July 2023 we ran an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection awareness campaign with all our Chiptech team members. This included posters and little tips strategically placed throughout our facility on interesting facts and best practice relating to static damage. The end of the campaign […]

November 2022

Understanding RF Coverage

Understanding RF Coverage When installing SEVEN in the home, there are several factors that need to be considered to ensure the Radio Frequency (RF) Range between a personal help button and the base unit is not affected. Check out our latest blog to understand RF coverage what to consider during your next installation. We all […]

June 2022

Electromagnetic Compatibility with Pacemakers

Electromagnetic Compatibility with Pacemakers Understand Electromagnetic Interference and how to use Chiptech products when an end user has a Pacemaker or implanted electronic device. Chiptech designs and manufactures a range of telecare base units and wearable alerting devices to support people to be independent and safe. Chiptech base units and wearables are independently tested by […]

April 2022

Reusing RF Devices

Reusing Your RF Devices We have several tips for self-servicing your RF devices to extend their life. This includes checking the battery life in RF devices using Otto, cleaning tips between installs and extending the shelf life of Pearl Advanced pendants when not in use. Chiptech manufacture a range of RF devices to work with […]

June 2021

SID Bed Sensor

SEVEN Base Unit: Customisable Safety Solutions The Chiptech SEVEN base unit has been designed to support people to live independently and safe at home and is customisable to meet the unique needs of different users. However, with its advanced technology and powerful capabilities, the SEVEN base unit offers a comprehensive safety solution for both individuals […]