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April 2021

Professional monitoring for the SmartCare Response App

SmartCare® Response is a monitoring App for connecting family and friends to the users of Chiptech personal emergency response systems (PERS). When a help button is pressed, emergency alerts are sent to all Responders simultaneously, notifying them via push notifications and text messages.  Through the App, users can call the device, view who has responded, […]

March 2021

Using GO at home with your Chiptech base unit

Pairing GO with a base unit installed in the home can increase the speed that responses to alerts can be actioned by the monitoring centre and adds an additional communication backup for alerts. If GO is activated whilst at home and paired with a Chiptech base unit, GO will send the report and effectively work […]

February 2021

Wall brackets for SEVEN

Wall brackets for SEVEN Increase the installation locations for SEVEN with a wall bracket. We have black or white wall brackets for easily attaching SEVEN to the wall. Locating the bracket at a good height makes the button/light combo more accessible and keeps SEVEN out of the way of liquid spills. The bracket can be […]

December 2020

SEVEN just got Lighter

In our latest newsletter we introduced you to the new SEVEN LiTE. Now available for order, check out how this lighter model of SEVEN could be just what you are after. What is it? SEVEN LiTE has no Ethernet socket, GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. It communicates solely on a 4G/3G cellular network using a […]

December 2018

SmartCare® Cloud has a brand new interface!

 SmartCare® Cloud’s swish new interface is also packed with new features that enable user accessibility and ease, allowing users to update individual GO units with latest files through the ‘Cloud Wizard.’   If you would like login and have a look around, click here.

June 2018

30th firmware release for ERICA and EVE base units!

Chiptech celebrates the 30th firmware release, as firmware 3.30 is now available. Please go to our customer web portal to download this release and apply to your units.

March 2017

Duress Alarm Set Up

We have noticed increasing requests for units to be setup to assist people in remaining safe in their home or work environments by providing silent reporting for duress situations to the monitoring centre. All ERICA and EVE variants are built with the ability to silently alert, and is as easy as re-configuring the base unit […]

March 2017

Reducing disturbance caused by phone calls into Cellular Base Units

If you have a customer who is being disturbed by incoming phone calls into their cellular base unit, there is a way to eliminate this intrusion by changing a configuration setting. You are able to connect remotely or directly to the unit via the Wizard. To manually change this setting, select the ‘Devices’ tab, and […]