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Commitment to Rigorous Standards, and Compliance in our Products

November 30th, 2023
Alongside the quality assurance processes we adhere to, it is also important to acknowledge the regulatory compliance standards, reporting protocols and industry guidelines that we meet. These play a key role both for ourselves and within the wider telecare industry, assuring high quality products and services are provided to vulnerable end users. 


Chiptech's Commitment to Rigorous Standards and Compliance in Our Products

Following our ISO 9001 quality management systems re-certification in late September we decided to bring some more focus to Quality, one of our core company values. 

Alongside the quality assurance processes we adhere to, it is also important to acknowledge the regulatory compliance standards, reporting protocols and industry guidelines that we meet. These play a key role both for ourselves and within the wider telecare industry, assuring high quality products and services are provided to vulnerable end users.

When you consider the requirements to meeting regulatory compliance standards, reporting protocols and industry specific standards there are a few major benefits:

Confidence, consistency and safeguarding: adherence provides a level of reassurance about how a product or solution will operate. While also reducing risks against product failures, operational issues, safety hazards, or legal liabilities.  

Industry standards set benchmarks for quality, safety, and performance. Meeting these standards ensures that our products undergo rigorous testing and validation, guaranteeing a certain level of quality and reliability. Established protocols ensure consistent and accurate reporting of data.

It’s important to realise the while many markets share similar requirements and standards, there are several differences between the global markets that Chiptech supply products into. As such, we ensure independent testing by recognised testing authorities to the relevant standards per market wherever applicable. Chiptech Technical Specifications for each product (found in the web portal) list the relevant standards that we comply with, and we provide a certificate copy of each of the tests undertaken independently, along with a declaration of conformance by the lead engineer. We also endeavour to share the best practice learned from one market into another, so higher requirements in one market are translated across, benefiting all.

Interoperability, efficiency and training: working with recognised practices and processes enables more systems to be connected together. Adhering to standards and protocols means solutions can be tested, and assessed against each other, enabling a like for like comparison of performance. We are privileged as a Telecare / PERS industry to have dedicated groups of talented individuals from a range of perspectives involved in working groups that consider the operations, processes and practices to benefit the end user and ensure best practice is promoted and adopted by suppliers and service providers alike. 

Interoperability is particularly important for Chiptech products communication into different software systems. Implementing a recognised reporting protocol enables flexibility and provides our customers the ability to choose between different software offerings, or change the systems they use. It also enables employees to be trained effectively on these protocols, so multiple products from different vendors can be handled in a similar manner, improving operational readiness.

Chiptech products can communicate using several different protocols depending on where their communications are directed. The reporting protocols used include variants of Contact ID, SCAIP and Chiptech’s own GPOX formats for location data. Configuration files are used to establish the which protocols are used and can be updated to change the destination reports are directed to, or the format used, providing flexibility in monitoring options.

Ultimately, Chiptech’s journey is not just about meeting regulatory requirements but about exceeding our customer and end user expectations. Using recognised standard and protocols provides us a solid platform to build innovative technology that delivers value. As we continue to innovate, our customer and their end users can rest assured that Chiptech remains a trusted supplier of quality personal safety products and software.

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Ihutai Estuary Clean Up

August 5th, 2020

Estuary Clean Up Crew

Chiptech has partnered with Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust to help with the ‘Clean up our Waterways’ project.


Our factory is based in Ferrymead, Christchurch, and we are lucky to be near the Avon-Heathcote Estuary. As part of our Environmental Charter, Chiptech is proud to be doing our part to support the ecosystem by helping keep the waterways clean and the open spaces safe for recreation and wildlife. Chiptech has been allocated a 100m section of the Estuary and once a month we will send our eager team members out in gumboots and gloves to conduct a clean-up.

Our first ‘clean up our waterways’ session left the Chiptech team feeling shocked by the amount of rubbish washed up on the high tide line. Once the area was cleared of glass, plastics and bottles, we felt proud to have helped to protect birds and marine mammals from being injured (or worse) by these littered items.

For more information about this  initiative please visit the trusts website or Facebook page 

20 Years of Telecare

July 30th, 2020

Chiptech Celebrate 20 Years

We have innovated, refined, and expanded in the past 20 years, here are some of our highlights.

Chiptech has grown from being a major national analogue medical alarm manufacturer to an international digital telecare specialist.

Chiptech is proud to celebrate supplying digital personal emergency response systems since 2013, as well as our role as a preferred supplier in the NBN replacement scheme in Australia.

We have purchased the neighbouring buildings to expand the factory further. Staff numbers in Christchurch have grown from the original seven to 28 (plus two in the UK office).

Pearl personal help button transceiver design was a market leader when launched on 2011, and is still a core part of our product range.

The Chiptech GO mobile pendant is revolutionising the digital telecare market, adding confidence to end users lives at home and away.

View all our highlights over the past twenty years on our About page.

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GO DURESS for Lone Workers and Users in High-Risk Situations

March 20th, 2020

GO DURESS has been specifically designed for users in high-risk situations, so they can activate a discrete alert for help and transmit frequent GPS location updates.

What is it?
GO DURESS is a mobile personal alerting device, with 3G cellular communication and global positioning system (GPS) technology.  It has been designed as a discrete wearable device to summon help in high-risk situations, where a user may need assistance without attracting unwanted attention.

GO DURESS is supplied with a hypoallergenic chain and split ring, so can be worn as a pendant, fixed to a belt, or added to a key ring.

Who is it for?
GO DURESS is for lone workers whose health and safety is at risk, and for people in the community whose lives are threatened by domestic violence, or other potentially dangerous situations.

With GO DURESS, users can continue to live how they choose and stay safe knowing their security is covered every step of the way.

How does it work?
A dual button press is used to discretely send a duress alert for help. GO Duress is a silent alarm, it will vibrate three times, and send the ‘Duress’ alert to the monitoring centre. No lights will display, and no beeps or voice messages will sound during this process. When the alert is received, and the operator is online and listening, the device will vibrate once to indicate to the user that someone is listening in. If configured to do so, GPS location updates are sent to mapping software every minute.


For more information on this product please contact