The Door or Gate Contact is designed to provide a local alert when a door is opened during pre-set hours, to ensure people are safe and secure in their home environment. The timing is set in the base unit, normally 11pm to 6am, and can be customised for individual requirements using the Chiptech Wizard.

When activated the base unit will beep to let the individual know that a door or gate has been opened. This local alert can be cancelled at the base unit by pressing the CANCEL button. The Door or Gate Contact can also be configured for use as an automated alert to the monitoring centre when a door is opened during the pre-set time periods.

The Contact is housed in a small white casing which can be easily attached to the door frame, using foam pads or 3M adhesive strips. The magnet it is paired with is attached to the door using foam pads or screws. It can be used on internal and external doors hinged on either side.

When shipped it is set to raise a pre-alarm and send an alert to the monitoring centre whenever the gate is opened. It has primarily been used in care settings where carers want to be alerted when people exit or enter the property. The Contact is water resistant. Magnet strength allows for a gate or door opening of approximately 25mm. The Contact can be configured to activate during specific day or night time periods, and this is done through the Chiptech Wizard.

Door and Gate Contact Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 55 H x 40 W x 11 D mm.
Weight: 33 grams.
Battery: Typical use will see an estimated battery life of 2 years, with a service replaceable battery. 
Radio frequency: 869MHz in New Zealand, or 916MHz in Australia. Transceiver provides two-way communication between pendant and base unit, so the signal is confirmed back to the Door and Gate Contact.
Range: 300m+ typical in open air.