Opens up assistive technology possibilities

The SID Magnet is specifically designed hardware to provide assistive technology to support individuals at home or within a rest home setting to remain safe and well.

This Standard Interface Device plus Magnet (SID + Magnet) is a second generation product, intended to replace the existing Chiptech SID range with notable improvements to the case, battery life, programming and usability.

Internal Reed Switch and External Magnet

Designed for easy installation and environmental protection, including a matching magnet casing.

Small form factor case

Case design is stylish and discrete for installing around the home without drawing unwanted attention.

Servicing made easy

Installer replaceable coin cell battery, in a larger battery size, doubles the product life before battery replacement is required.

Configurable Button

A single grey 15mm soft button in the center of the case for efficient pairing and range testing.

Button is recessed to prevent false activations, but easy to press with haptic feedback when the button is activated.

Can be configured to activate a separate ‘help’ or ‘duress’ or ‘bogus caller’ alert, while the change to the SID + Magnet connection will send a report for the device type configured, i.e. door, window, fridge monitor.

Who is it for?

SID + Magnet is a safety addition to the standard Chiptech Telecare offering, enhancing an end user’s security and safety, whether they are living independently at home, or within a care environment where they require some additional proactive support.

Support those with early-stage dementia to remain safe at home by adding a Door Contact, Gate Contact and Fridge Monitoring to their existing telecare package.

How SID Magnet works


SID + Magnet hardware can be orderd with a specific setup or configured (using Otto) to be installed as any of the following products variations. 

Door Contact

Gate Contact

Window Contact

Fridge Monitor

Mini Fixed Wall Button

SID Magnet Tech Specs

SID Size (LxWxH)Weight
55 x 35 x 16mm25g
Magnet Size (LxWxH)Weight
48 x 15 x 17mm10g
  • IP52 splash resistant
  • CR2477N with a 950mAh capacity
  • 300 metres+ typical in open air when paired with a Chiptech base unit, when at home.
  • Frequency: Australia 916MHz, New Zealand/European 869MHz.
  • Chiptech Proprietary Pearl Protocol Version 1

Compatible Products