SID Connect

Connecting users to third party devices

Assistive Technology SID Connect

SID is available as an interface device so additional third party devices can be connected and the personal response system utilised to send an emergency alarm. This caters for users with a range of physical limitations who may require different devices to summon help in an emergency. Switch options can be sourced from a number of distributors or purchased through Chiptech.

SID is supplied with a standard 3.5mm mono socket, which allows a variety of third party devices to be connected to it. If a user’s requirements change alternate devices can be provided without the need for a new SID.

Learning in SID

When installing a SID device it can be learned into the personal response system by either activating a device, or by pressing the small button located on the SID Connect Box.

Testing SID and Sensor

To test the SID device and sensor it is best to try and activate the sensor to ensure it is working as you would expect.

Testing the sensor ensures that both the sensor and the SID are functioning as expected, and provides a good demonstration to the end user or carer of what will happen when it is activated.

Reporting and Batteries

SID communicates with the personal response system every nine hours, and a failed to test report will be sent to the monitoring centre if the personal response system has not received multiple signals over a few days (typically set between 3-5 days). SID reports when its battery is at 20% capacity and will need to be replaced. It does not monitor the device battery it is connected to, hence regular testing of the connected device is suggested to ensure its functionality. A planned battery replacement programme is required.

SID Connect Tech Specs

Size (LxWxH)Weight
67 x 67 x 28mm49g

869MHz, 916MHz

300+m typical in open air

Life expectancy for SID is dependent on number of activations, and calculations indicate minimum of three years.

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