Careousel® Advance Pill Dispenser

The right pills at the right time

A medication reminder has the potential to improve the user’s medication compliance, increase their independence and improve their quality of life. When using a medication reminder system, an improvement has been seen in peoples’ perceived ability to look after themselves at home. Additional benefits include reduced hospitalisations, visitations to the doctor, and positive improvements to users health-related quality of life measure, such as their physical and mental health.

The Careousel® Advance Pill Dispenser features an LCD screen that allows the user to view important information. It displays the time and date, the time remaining until the next dose is due and vital information including the number of doses remaining and the battery level.

Dispensing of medication and battery maintenance can be managed by pharmacy or service provider.

Assistive Technology Pill Dispenser

How it works

  1.  Hear the buzzer

  2. Turn the dispenser upside down to release the pills in your hand.

  3. Take your meds

The Dispenser has 28 slots that can be loaded with medication, and can be dispensed up to four pre-set times each day. At the specified time, the pill dispenser rotates to the next available slot, beeps loudly, and the light located on the lid flashes. The local alert can be cancelled by picking up the dispenser and turning it over to tip the pills out, thereby dispensing the medication. 

Dispensing of medication and battery maintenance can be managed by pharmacy or service provider.

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Careousel® Advance Pill Dispenser Tech Specs

Size (LxWxH)Weight
190 x 180 x 56mm390g excl batteries
490g incl batteries
  • 10ml per compartment
  • 28 slots for medication

4×1.5V Alkaline batteries or 4×1.2V rechargeable NiMH batteries

>12 months

Clear Lid – Shows how much medication is remaining.
Solid Lid – Reduces worry about medication requirements.

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