Pill Dispenser Wireless Portable

A simple-to-use pill dispenser

The Adi PCB within the Pivotell/Careousel Advance Pill Dispenser enables independence for a person at home by prompting them to take their medication and by raising an alert should it not be taken within a prescribed time.

The Pill Dispenser is a monitored device designed to promote independence and well-being by ensuring medication adherence and correct dosage. It’s pre-loaded with medication and only releases the right pills at scheduled times, making others inaccessible. With 28 compartments for medication, the Pill Dispenser reduces the need for visits to supervise medication and enhances independence and quality of life. It may also lead to fewer hospitalisations, doctor visits, and better mental health for the user.

Alerts if medication is not taken at the correct time.


Image depicts a hand receiving medication from a monitored pill dispenser, showcasing independence enabled by the Adi PCB technology. The dispenser ensures timely medication intake and alerts if doses are missed. It promotes well-being by providing correct dosages at scheduled times, enhancing independence and quality of life. With 28 compartments, it reduces the need for supervision, potentially lowering hospitalizations and improving mental health.
  • Audibly and visually reminds the user that it is time to take medication.
  • Comprehensive monitoring – The monitoring centre is alerted if medication isn’t taken on time, if the dispenser tray jams, or to low battery levels.
  • Wireless and portable dispenser for use anywhere.
  • Easy to use tablet carousel, enabling the user, informal carers or formal carers to simply replenish medication.
  • Comprehensive monitoring: The monitoring centre is alerted if medication isn’t taken on time, to low battery levels, faults, or if the dispenser tray jams which ensures optimum operation at all times.

Who is it for?

The intended user is someone at home who requires assistance with medication. They may benefit from reminders or help to take the right medication and dosage, at the right time, especially when taking multiple medications throughout the day. A monitored medication reminder system can provide timely support with medication adherence or to resolve any issues or concerns the user may have when using an electronic dispensing system.

How it works

  1. Set up the Pill Dispenser with SEVEN.

  2. A pharmacy or service provider pre-loads medications into the Pill Dispenser and sets the dispensing times, which can be adjusted within a 5-minute to 5-hour window. We suggest a minimum 20-minute dispensing window.

  3. When it’s time for a dose, the Pill Dispenser rotates to present the medication, unlocks its cover, flashes a light, and sounds an alarm.

  4. The user picks up the dispenser and tips out the pills.

  5. SEVEN notifies the monitoring center when the dose is dispensed. The dispenser is then reset for the next dose.

  6. If a user hasn’t taken their medication halfway through the scheduled time, SEVEN plays a reminder message. If medication isn’t dispensed within 3 minutes after the reminder, the monitoring center is alerted for follow-up support.

How it reports

Technical Details

Adi PCB integrated into a Pivotell®/Careousel Advance Pill Dispenser, excludes batteries.

Twenty-eight (28) compartments for medication with a maximum of 24 doses per day.

Dose dispensed, dose not dispensed, low battery, hardware malfunction. The format and information reported may vary between
global regions. 

Twenty-four (24)

Size (LxWxH) 
190 x 180 x 56mm 

Pill Dispenser + Adi 493g (with batteries)

  • 300 metres+ typical in open air when paired with a Chiptech base unit, when at home.
  • Frequency: Australia 916MHz, New Zealand/European 869MHz.
  • Chiptech Proprietary Protocol Version 2

The Pill Dispenser + Adi is packaged in a cardboard box.

4 x AA batteries

Up to one year with normal use, with low battery reporting.

Clear Lid – Shows how much medication is remaining.
Solid Lid – Reduces worry about medication requirements.

Compatible Products

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