About Us

Chiptech Limited is a privately owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of quality digital telecare products that help people to maintain their health, independence and safety.  The use of advanced technology ensures that Chiptech solutions are at the forefront of the digital transformation. Established in the year 2000, and operating from a purpose built facility in Christchurch, New Zealand, Chiptech has grown into the leading provider of monitored personal alarms in Australasia.

Chiptech digital telecare products are renowned for their safety, elegance and ease of use. A talented team of engineers has designed product with a strong focus on automated safety checks in the base units and the help buttons. Events are logged and reported to monitoring, giving peace of mind that products will operate as expected in an emergency.

While Chiptech supplies end to end solutions, they openly work with other software providers to report directly into their monitoring software. All Chiptech digital devices are actively supported through the fleet management platform, SmartCare Cloud, which enables devices to be updated while they are in the field, reducing site visits.

Chiptech is experienced in manufacturing and upscaling production for higher volumes, having recently supplied an Australian-wide government funded migration programme to change over landline (copper) alarms to digital reporting telecare systems. This included the provision of software and support to enable the monitoring of data reporting products.

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