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Buster Receiver

The Buster Receiver is a device with 3 relay outputs plus a low battery indication output. Advanced software allows unique individual control over the outputs, which can be configured to either momentarily activate, toggle or follow the transmitters’ input. more info

Buster Transmitter

Complementing the Buster Receiver, this Buster Transmitter has advanced input features, with fully independent input configurations. The Buster Transmitter can work in parallel with other Chiptech transmitter products when used with the ERIC, PRU or Buster Receiver products. more info

Buster Programmer

This device is the configuration Buster Programmer for the Buster Receiver and Buster Transmitter. Hot-pluggable connection with application powered programming. more info

Half Wave Antenna

Optional aerial for Buster Receiver and Buster Transmitter.

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